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Tue, Feb. 24th, 2004, 10:42 pm

While I believe that churches should be allowed to deny marriage rights to gay couples, after all, Jews probably won't be married by a Catholic priest, it's a personal issue of the church, our government has no right to discriminate based upon a religious belief. Yes, this country was founded by Christians but those same Christians demanded liberty and justice for ALL.

Main Entry: [3]all
Function: pronoun
Date: before 12th century
1 : the whole number, quantity, or amount : TOTALITY

Everyone. You, me, him, her, gay, straight, black, white, Latino, Asian, young, old - all. The government has no right to discriminate based on sexuality. Marriage between any TWO (and only two) loving, consenting ADULTS (not children) should be legal. I'm not asking that polygamy, pedophilia or bestiality be made legal. I simply believe that we, as humans, deserve equal rights. An if you decide you don't want to call it marriage but want to allow gays the ceremony AND the legal rights, I'll be okay with that. But I absolutely refuse to vote for a man who would deny loving people the chance to commit themselves to one another legally. It's absurd to think that gender plays such a role in people's view of a human and his or her relationship.

I'd further like to point out that homosexual marriage will in no way destroy heterosexual marriage. Gays will not come into your homes and abuse or taint or manipulate you or your children. They will not destroy civilization. They will not tell you that you cannot be married as you are now telling them. Gay marriage will not inspire God to smite you. If gays are truly wrong, they will be dealt with personally by God and you will not be damned to Hell for being a loving person. As so many religions say, if you truly believe that gays are wrong, love the sinner, hate the sin. And if you love the sinner, you will accept them and gay marriage but not have to approve of it's practice. God will, more likely, be pleased that you allowed Him the choice to judge and stayed understanding and loving throughout. In the end, God will decide and you don't have nor do you have the right to pass judgment in such a way.

If you are worried about children, I ask, what about children in single parent homes? Children being raised by relatives but not their own parents? Children being raised by foster families? By brothers or sisters? Are they, because they are not being raised by one man and one woman, a mother and father, not going to be raised properly? Are they going to be neglected or grow to be delinquents? And if a child grows up with a gay brother or sister, will they somehow become gay? My little sister, 18, is the straightest girl I've ever met. She loves boys and at the same time respects herself and her body. She grew up around gays and is one of the most mature, well-rounded people I know.

And if you are worried about procreation, are all single people and all infertile people also useless in our society? Are wife-beaters and child abusers and drug addicts above bachelors and homosexuals simply because they are straight and bear children? Is this fair? Is this right? Do you truly, deep within yourself, believe that hate and prejudice is what is right? I ask the President, did the people who allowed women and African Americans to vote choose what the majority believed or what they, in their hearts, believed? 99% of the time the government's job is to do what the majority want. The truly great leaders are the ones who in that 1% look at what is right, fair, good and true and they act upon it. They remember that our country is based upon the idea that people from all walks of life will be treated justly and given fair and EQUAL treatment and they make their choice in that. Not based on God, not based on money, not based upon an upcoming election. Based upon fairness, understanding, acceptance and love. I expect no less in this situation. I fear I will find expectations unmet.